Customized Doll

Happy 1 year anniversary for My-Inhyeong-nim Shop !! We feel very thankful to everyone who love our dolls and support us :)

Due to many requests from people who love our doll style, we decided to accept any special customized doll which is the most unique one in the world !!

*UPDATE: Now we also accept [S] customized doll !! You can now enjoy your cute unique dolls in both sizes.
Here is the condition for making:

- There are 2 sizes, S and M Sizes
- You can order human doll only, not animal doll
- Please send us the clear picture that you want to order at
- You cannot change or add the details from the picture you sent. We will make doll according to the picture.
- You can choose your doll's face (eyes+mouth) by inform us the item name in our shop or we will design/choose them for you. Examples, Face: [ Y0102 Dara - I am the Best ]
- Some details may cannot be made. We will adapt them to be the most suitable for our dolls.
- If the design you request is cannot be made, we will inform back.

**If you accept all conditions, you can order and get your lovely special doll with only extra 1 USD from our doll price**
 For "Animal Style"
- Our "Animal Style" means human with animal costume (not just animal)
- Please send us the animal picture that you want us to customize and we will adapt your animal to be our animal style: Animal head would cover hair area and have animal body (no clothes on)


S Customized Doll

Type of item: Key Chain/ Phone Strap

Material: Polyester Felt
Size (Non-Animal Style): Width 4 cm. x Height 7 cm.
Size (Animal Style): Width 5 cm. x Height 8 cm. 
Price:  7USD each

M Customized Doll

Type of item: Long Keychain/ Without Long Keychain (Just a doll alone)

Animal Style (Animal Costume)
Material: Polyester Felt (Softer than [S] doll)
Size: Width 15 cm. x Height 16 cm.
Price:  17USD each

Non-Animal Style
Material: Polyester Felt (Softer than [S] doll)
Size: Width 12 cm. x Height 16 cm.
Price:  21USD each

Making and Shipping Time [Worldwide]
: 3-4 weeks per doll

Total Price (USD)

S Size 

M Size 


*Any questions, feel free to ask us :)