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How to Order

Fill this form and sent E-mail to
*Please wait for "Order Confirmation" from us before making payment*
(Our Paypal email address is not the same as our contact email)

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*For [M] size doll, please add "[M]" in front of "Item Name"
**For customized doll, please add "[Customized]" with your item name

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Subject: My Inhyeong-nim Order

- Full Name:
- Address (with country, in English language):
- Country Zone: (America, Europe, Asia) 

- Item:
- Type of item: (Phone Strap/ Key Chain):
- Quantity:
- Total Price: (Look at the Table below)


- Full Name: Nemo Island
- Address (with country):
45 Orange Road, Seoul, South Korea
- Country Zone: (America, Europe, Asia)

- Item:
[0509 Nemo Donghae]
- Type of item: (Phone Strap/ Key Chain):
Key Chain
- Quantity:
- Total Price: (Look at the Table below)
9.4 USD


Payment and Shipping 
: Paypal in USD only (What is Paypal? CLICK )
*If you have credit card, you can register Paypal*

Paypal Fee
: (We will pay for you ^^)

Shipping Method
: Register Airmail from Thailand Post

Making and Shipping Time [Worldwide]
: less than 10 dolls >> 2-3 weeks 
: more than 10 dolls >> 4 weeks 
*In Asia, the shipping time might be less than above*
Total Price (USD)
*For [M] size doll price >> CLICK**For [M Customized] doll price >> CLICK

Buy 10-19 dolls = only 5.5 USD each
Buy 20 dolls or more = only 5 USD each