About us

Since April 2010...

our beloved handmade doll "inhyeong-nim", which means "mr/ms doll" in Korea, was born. We design and neatly make each product by ourselves. At first, we started selling domestically in Thailand at inhyeong-nim and finally now we open for international fans to order. This because we received a lot of love and support until we got more than 1,000+ designs.

What's so special in "inhyeong-nim"? 
All kpop idols are like transform to be cute little dolls with very similar faces and characteristics. Meaning that we have to know that idols well such as habits, unique point and has been edited several times until we satisfied ^^ We also accept all comments or any suggestions in order to improve the products. And the most important thing in "inhyeong-nim" is our BIG LOVE and happiness when making ^^

Thus "inhyeong-nim" is very suitable for special gift or your precious collections ^^
You will definitely love our "inhyeong-nim"

We will continue updating new set. Please follow us and enjoy our lovely doll ^^
Thank you.



Before April 2010...

We, I and my younger sis, who are just the ordinary kpop fangirls.
You may curious how comes now we opened lovely shop and sold until now?
Of course, there is special inspiration... 

On 26 Mar 2010, we were going to see Donghae who had Motor Show event. There was Fan Signing too. A day before, I didn't know why my sis decided to make "something" for Donghae because Fan Signing was random and almost impossible to join. That night, she designed and made "Donghae with Nemo Hat doll" all night. (Our first handmade doll was born ^^)

Next day, we reached the event and found out that the Fan Sign quota was almost out but my sis wanted to try. The miracle happened!! She got the last chance of random and so happy ^^ I just stood far behind and looking her when she gave the Nemo to Donghae on the stage. I think I was more excited than her LOL. Finally, my sis got Yesung position who sat next to Donghae and quickly gave Nemo to Donghae's hand. He looked surprised when he saw it. Then my sis had to go down from the stage and didn't see his KID reaction...

He seemed to be really surprise with this Nemo because he held it with full length of his arm and looked at it intently then his head move it right and left when his hand move, like he wanted to clearly see that was it look like him? and making "What?" "Eh?" expressions with super cute smiling at it. OK... I died LOL but my sis didn't see this.

We don't want anything more than this, just giving Donghae a small gift and seeing he enjoyed playing once. All 4 years that we love him, this was the most special moment in life for a donghae fan.

However, Donghae still didn't throw this Nemo away. It was stick in his hand (If he laid it on the table, the staff would immediately grab it away) He kept on pressed, pinched it with his both hand while his eyes looking around. Even he got up from his seat and teased Eunhyuk, he still held it with him LOL
But this is not enough...

Suddenly, the camera shot in front of Donghae on the BIG screen, he put the Nemo over his FACE and moved it closer to the camera with a little smile. (He gave a small glance when he moved it, like he making sure the Nemo was in the right position LOL)

cr. on pic

My sis who just walked down from the stage, saw it on the BIG screen and shocked !!
and I was almost crying...

Donghae-ah, you like it this much? ... did I think too positive?

Donghae still went on playing his Nemo. When he signed a poster, the Nemo would stay between his finger LOL (never let it go) He even rub the strap XD

cr. on pic

After finishing , I didn't know where was Nemo? Did Donghae keep it with him?

Thank you Donghae for showing love back to us.
Can we stop loving you? We really can't tell when...

PS. My sis finally designed new Nemo by improve from Donghae's Nemo. (He got body now ^^)