For Importers

**Anyone who interest to be importers in your countries, you can contact us and we will offer you the very special price: **

We create some rules for every importer to follow, please read and understand :)


1. The FIRST importer of each country will get promoted by us in our site. We will post your contact information in this page. There could be more than one importer in one country.
2. Every importer CANNOT edit our pictures when posting anywhere or your own sites.
3. DO NOT hot link our pictures. The pictures will all disappear both you and us. Please re-upload for your own.
4. The order CANNOT be rushed. Please manage your time of ordering, payment and shipping with your customers. You can ask us the making+shipping time estimation first. Or you might request us for more than one time shipping by pay an extra shipping cost for some dolls that need to be shipped first.

If you do not accept the rules, you will not get the official authorization to sell.
*More rules might be added if they're appropriate*

Any questions feel free to contact us

Thank you :)


Lists of the First Importers:



Website: CLICK


Twitter: @Riensga
Website: CLICK


All details, please visit here